The department of Cardiology cares for heart and vascular disease.

It consists of:
- hospital ward with 48 beds, of which 8 beds Intensive Cardiac care (CCU)
- large outpatient clinic for consultations and follow-ups
- catheterization lab
- cardiac rehabilition clinic

All hospitalisations will be done at campus St-Elisabeth. Outpatient clinic available at both campus St-Elisabeth and St-Jozef.

In early 2014, the first coronary angiography took place in Turnhout (before that, patients had to be transferred to Antwerp or Leuven). Since late 2015, thanks to a collaboration with the Cardiology departments of the AZ Herentals and AZ Mol, also patients from the greater region are undergoing their procedures in AZ Turnhout.

Additionally, there is a regular referral to University Hospitals Leuven for cardiac surgery and to ZOL Genk for electrophysiology.




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Renewed accreditation by the European Association of Cardiology






Cardio lounge on the 4th floor of SE received its first patients on Monday, October 9.






Clinical trials


For many years now, the Cardiology Department has been participating intensively in international scientific phase 3 studies, giving patients the opportunity to participate in research with new, promising medications for specific cardiovascular diseases.


It is therefore possible that your cardiologist will offer you to participate in an ongoing study. You will of course be thoroughly informed and asked to grant your consent.
Specifically trained study nurses do the follow-up in consultation with your cardiologist.


Az Turnhout's Cardiology Department is currently participating in:


A double-blind, parallel, randomized comparison of inclisiran and placebo in high-risk, ASCVD patients with Non-Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease.

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Other info

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To make an appointment (phone):

+32 14 40 64 61








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